Humidifier Without A Filter: Safety Concerns & Best Tips for 2021

Are you using humidifier without a filter? If yes, then this article is an absolute read for you. I have discussed this topic in depth here. I have talked about the safety precautions we need to take and some special tips as well.

Often considered as the opposite of the air conditioner, the humidifier is an excellent piece of equipment to have in your home. As the name suggests, they add humidity to the air and reduce dryness, which tends to harm our skin and makes our colds worse.

However, like all other devices, there are certain precautions that must be kept in mind while using a humidifier. Sadly, most users tend to flout these norms and use a humidifier as they see fit.

One such norm that people don’t comply with is the usage of a filter. Due to the lack of knowledge about this “humidifier without a filter” topic, people are unaware of the fact that not having it on your humidifier can lead to several health risks.

humidifier without a filter

Can I Use Humidifier Without a Filter?

No, the short answer is you shouldn’t use a Humidifier without a Filter.

Using non-filtered humidifier brings a lot of risks which can hamper our health drastically. It can cause severe respiratory problems and also affect the benefits of inhalants as well. So it doesn’t make any sense to use a humidifier with a filter in any conditions. In this next section we will be discussing the risks in a more detailed manner. 

What Are the Humidifier Filters?

Humidifier filters are an essential part of the device. Their job is to hold water as hot air blows through it, to create mist and to purify the water from microscopic impurities, dirt, and bacteria when the liquid follows into it.

Using a Humidifier Without Filter? Know the Associated Risks First

You and your family members are at a risk of facing an attack from deadly pathogens

since a filter traps all the bacteria, microscopic particles, dirt, and more. In its absence, these pathogens can come out of the humidifier along with the mist and can enter your body while you breathe.

Your allergens may worsen and cause severe respiratory problems

Humidifier filters also reduce the allergens that are present in the air, with its filtration system. It's particularly useful for those who suffer from severe dust allergies, as it makes sure that your room remains as pristine and debris-free as possible.

You'll have to face the ever-present risk of contaminated water molecules

Without a filter, the water that is placed in a humidifier may contaminate the air if it isn't boiled or disinfected first. But due to the bacteria-fighting capabilities of humidifier filters, one is saved from deadly pathogens that are present in the water as it manages to filter it all out.

Your medicines and inhalants won't be effective

If you tend to add inhalants into your humidifier, then using a filtered one is the better choice. That is because not only will the filter prevent your inhalant from getting sullied by dust and bacteria, it will also help in the even dispersal of it so that every part of the room or house has inhalant molecules.

can i use humidifier without a filter
Using Humidifier without a Filter? Well, You're at Risk

Precautions to be Aware of When Using Filtered Humidifiers:

It is tremendously important to be aware of certain dos and don’ts while using humidifiers with filters.

  •  Filtered humidifiers need to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the bacteria, mold, dirt, etc. would remain trapped in the filter which would have an effect contrary to usual. The humidifier would then begin to send out contaminated mist in your living area. That is why it is necessary to properly clean your filter, at regular intervals. 

Despite being on the more expensive side, and having a higher maintenance quotient, the bacteria, and dust filtering qualities of such humidifiers are unparalleled. As a result, they are highly recommended for households with infants, children, and the elderly. They’re also a great investment for those who suffer from dust allergies, as well. 

We hope that through this article, you have learned a great deal, and now have a clear understanding of the safety risks of using a humidifier without a filter.

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