How to Make Distilled Water for Humidifier: 3 Best Methods Explained

Learn How to Make Distilled Water for Humidifier at your home for free of cost. 

The benefits of having a functioning humidifier at home are immense. Especially, during the winter season, the air gets too dry and the temperature also lowers down to a considerable extent. Under such extreme conditions, we can fully evaluate the importance of a humidifier.

But humidifier requires maintenance. Even if it is barely minimal, but still you need to invest some time and effort to keep the machinery actively functioning. Without proper maintenance, its functionality will gradually start to deteriorate. Under certain circumstances, poorly maintained humidifiers become harmful.

All the humidifiers are prone to accumulate bacteria along with some other mold developments. The ultrasonic humidifiers even buildup harmful minerals and starts releasing them in the air. Improper cleaning and irregular changing of water or using hard tap water which is rich in minerals might lead to such situations.

So, the best way to maintain the health of the humidifier is to use distilled water exclusively. It adds up to the cost for maintenance but ensures high-quality steam and breathable air. If the health of the machine remains good, it will maintain the good health of the household by releasing pure steam. But do you know how to make distilled water for humidifier at home? Well, this article is just about that. 

how to make distilled water for humidifier

How to Make Distilled Water for Humidifier: 3 Best Ways

Process 1: Glass Bowl Method

Process 2: Glass Bottle Method

Process 3. Rainwater Method

Final Words

Boiling water is not equivalent to distilled water. Boiled water is not entirely free from minerals and certain types of chemical components. It kills bacteria and frees it from chlorine. But it never makes the water as pure as distilled water.

Therefore, following these simple steps, you can easily get distilled water to use it for the humidifier. Not only for humidifiers, but distilled water can also be used in various other purposes. You can always buy it from the market. But, such homemade procedures will keep the cost low. If this article helps you to learn how to make distilled water for humidifier at home, then kindly share it with those who are in need of this. 

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