How to Humidify a Room Naturally: Best Guide for 2021

How to Humidify a Room Naturally: Low humidity can be a concern in your home during the winter season. It leads to the deterioration of dry skin, allergies, static electricity, asthma, and increased vulnerability to flu and cold. If you want to purchase a humidifier you have to spend some extra and the electricity consumption also may be higher than your expectations. In that case instead of using a humidifier, applying some natural methods is also effective to humidify a room. Today we will learn how to naturally humidify a room with ease. Let’s proceed!

How to Humidify a Room Naturally (7 Proven Ways)

We have already written articles about best humidifier for large rooms or even for cats, but what if you don’t wanna invest heavily in it. If you want to know how to naturally humidify a room with air conditioning or other ways, then we will provide as much as 7 proven ways to do just that. So follow this guide, and learn how to humidify your house naturally.

Indoor Plants to Control Humidity

Plants can impact your homes or rooms in numerous ways; it completely depends on the species that you select to keep. Through the process of transpiration, such plant leaves or stems evaporate moisture and add the required amount of humidity to the air inside your room. A number of plants have such abilities to increase moisture level gradually. Thus plants come with large leaves, which can absorb more Co2 as well as light for the process of photosynthesis. Such plants include ginger, bamboo palm, peace lily, rubber plant, areca palm, spider plant, etc. In fact, it is one of the best natural ways to humidify a room.

How to Humidify a Room Naturally (Best Ways)

Keep Some Wet Clothes to Dry Inside

Sometimes a dry atmosphere with insufficient humidity causes various problems especially during cold. So, try to keep some wet clothes inside your room for drying that may help to enhance such moisture levels conveniently. The moisture through such wet clothes evaporates into the air to create a humid atmosphere. In short, the wet towel humidifier is a great hack to humidify a room naturally.

Although one thing that you should keep in mind, don’t keep too many clothes to dry together inside a room, it may encourage the growth of harmful molds.

Keep the Washroom Door Open While Taking a Hot Bath or Shower:

It is another ideal method to humidify your washroom as well as the entire room. During the hot bath or shower, it generates a lot of steam. So, if you leave the washroom door open (maintain your privacy), such steam can blow conveniently to the entire room. Whenever taking a hot bath or shower, before draining such unused hot water, pour that into a bucket to cool completely. As a result, It may generate some extra steam along with moisture as well.

Boil Water or Stove-top Cooking:

While you cook some meal or boiling water, in that case, it also may produce some steam or vapor. This vapor or steam mixes up with the air inside your room and increases the volume of humidity instantly. This method works excellent through enhancing the air quality along with a decrease in overall dryness. In fact boiling water humidifier is one of the most widely used solutions to the query “how to humidify a room naturally”.

Although, too much vapor or steam may damage your kitchen cabinets, and such extreme condensation harms your heart as well. Therefore, you must need an exhaust circulating fan to make a better symmetry.

Vent Your Dryer Inside

If you wanna know how to raise humidity in a room, then with this method, you can easily even quickly enhance such humidity in your room. All you have to do is dispel the ventilation tube so that it can easily spread the excessive humidity inside your room as inverse to the outdoors. Thereby it may boost up such moisture levels in your room gradually.

Making Sponge Humidifier

Using a sponge to naturally humidify your room is very useful. It simply works as a homemade humidifier. Since the sponges are designed to soak water, it can also absorb much moisture and hold it for a long time. Hence, it can increase the humidity level in your room promptly.

Spraying a Bottle of Water on Curtains

However, this is a very simple and easy technique to increase the level of moisture inside your room. You just need to spray a bottle of water on curtains frequently to get a good result.

Make sure to keep it mild; otherwise, your curtains become damp as well as moldy. That’s how to humidify a room naturally. Simple and Clean, isn’t it?


According to all these methods described above gives you almost all the information where you may know why humidity is so important and how to humidify a room naturally. Apart from all advantages of humidification, a few disadvantages also appear whether it uses excessively. Overall, these humidifier alternatives have multiple solutions over natural humidification.

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