11 Benefits of Using a Humidifier: Best Use Cases Explained

During the dry season, a humidifier acts as a life savior. Along with some physical difficulties, dry air causes some serious health issues. So having a humidifier becomes a necessity for us, as there are tons of benefits of using a humidifier.

You may get tired of applying moisturizer to your skin. But if you add moisture into the air, it will solve all the problems. Not in terms of beauty but also health related benefits can be ensured by a humidifier. Humidifier has a myriad of benefits. We are going to discuss those in this article. So stay with us.

Benefits of Using a Humidifier
All the Benefits of using a Humidifier

Different Types of Humidifier & There Use Cases

Before knowing the benefits of a humidifier, you have to know some basic information about different types of humidifiers. As we know humidifiers add humidity and it is categorized into different sections depending on its working procedure.

The below-mentioned humidifiers are currently available in the market. These can be cool mist or warm mist humidifiers. Cool mist humidifiers disperses cold water droplets and warm mist humidifiers disperses warm ones.

Evaporating Humidifier

The basic principle of this humidifier is evaporation. A paper wick draws the water up and with the help of a fan, it evaporates into the air. This kind of humidifier is less expensive and releases cool mist.

Steam Humidifier

In this humidifier, the water boils and releases steam into the air. This steam moistened the air. As this humidifier releases warm mist, it doesn’t contain any harmful microorganisms.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier works silently as the ceramic diaphragm vibrates at a very high frequency. It disperses micro droplets into the air and is very energy efficient. The drawback of this humidifier is it spreads white dust which is the mineral deposit of water.

Impeller Humidifier

This kind of humidifier has a rotating disk that breaks the water into small droplets and spreads it into the air. As the disk is rotating and vibrating, it is much noisier than the other.

11 Benefits of Using a Humidifier at Our Home

The main problem of the winter season is dry air and humidifiers have that potential to eliminate the dry air. Here we are going to inform you about 11 benefits of using a humidifier.

Prevent Spreading Air-borne Viruses: Throughout the year people get affected by air-born viruses. And their spreading is accelerated by the low humidity of the air.

When you start using a humidifier, it adds up moisture into the air and makes up the deficient humidity. This moisture prevents the movement of the virus by capturing the viruses into it and stops its spreading.   

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin: One of the major problems during the dry season is dry skin. It’s been so irritating that you can’t even concentrate on your work. This dry skin problem leads to itchy skin and sometimes it gets worse when it starts bleeding. Once the humidifier adjusts the humidity level of the room to around 50%, the dryness of the skin is no more your problem.

Adds Some Extra Heat: When you are using a warm mist humidifier like a steam humidifier or vaporizer, the warm moist also increases the temperature of the room. For the dry winter season, this kind of humidifier is very helpful.  

On one hand, it adds up moisture into the air and on the other gives you some warmth. So you no longer feel uncomfortable.

Good for Indoor Plants: Most of the indoor plants which we have in our home originate from tropical and subtropical regions. This means they grow in such a region where the humidity level is high.

But in the dry season, the humidity level decreases abruptly and for this, some plants dry up and die. A humidifier helps to maintain the humidity level as well as the plant’s health.

Save Wooden Furniture from Damage: If moisture is scarce, then the wood shrinks and sometimes gets cracked. So to increase the lifespan of your wooden furniture and showpieces it’s necessary to maintain optimal humidity. You can’t add humidity into the manual. So you need a humidifier to serve your purpose.

Good for Asthma Sufferers: Asthma patients face difficulties in breathing due to dry air though they continue their medication. They need to stay in a properly hydrated environment with humidity around 50%. But it does not get possible during the dry season. So it’s better to use a humidifier and get some relief.

Prevent Snoring: Due to the dry air, the nasal passage also becomes dry. So when you inhale during sleep it causes snoring. If you have nasal congestion then also you can be snoring and this gets worse in dry weather. A humidifier helps to minimize this problem by adding the requisite humidity.   

Relieve from Sinus: For those who have sinuses, low humidity is troublesome. As the humidifier adds humidity into the air, this lessens the problem of sinus sufferers. The dry air makes the nasal passage drier and this leads to the head and even sometimes a bloody nose for the sinus patients. So it’s recommended for those who have sinus try to stay in a hydrated room and start using a humidifier.

Help in Loosen Nasal Congestion: Dry air alleviates the nasal congestion problem. Mucus can’t flow smoothly and sometimes this thing causes trouble breathing. Moist air loosens the nasal passage and you can breathe freely.

Cold and Flu Symptoms Gone: Warm mist is very helpful for cold and flu sufferers. Even doctors also recommended using a vaporizer or humidifier to reduce your symptoms. Moisture is one of the greatest enemies of flu viruses. So humidifiers become your savior during the flu season.

Relief from Seasonal Allergy: Dry air is a great carrier of pollen grains, dust, and mites. All these things cause allergies. If your air has an adequate amount of moisture, then these things can’t be carried to that extent. So the chances of getting sick by these things have minimum chances.


So you can conclude from our above discussion that humidifiers have various kinds of benefits in our life. Those who already have a humidifier are very familiar with its positive sides. But on the other hand excessive humidity is not good for our health. So you have to use it cautiously. 

Maybe these benefits of using a humidifier aren’t known to you So what are you waiting for, go and grab your humidifier and enjoy this winter season fully.  

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