How to Check Humidity Level without Hygrometer: 3 Best Ways Explained

Some days feel really sweaty, whether some others feel dry. All these have connection with the humidity index of that day. Meteorologists use Hygrometers to measure humidity.

Do you know too high or too low humidity – both can invite health hazards and other problems?? Most of the time we take this matter lightly. It may be because we do not really know the seriousness of the issue or we do not have a Hygrometer in every household.

Now, what??? Thinking if you could just check the humidity level without a Hygrometer??

Well, we will help you do that. Just relax and read the full article and you will learn how to check humidity level without Hygrometer.

Having a Hygrometer is always good, but it isn’t a widely used device to be honest. So there are very slim chance, that you actually own one. So this article will come handy for you if you are serious about your health and want to control humidity of your room using diy methods only.

But before we advance further, you must understand these basic facts to measure the humidity rightly. Please pay firm attention to the below section, as you should know about it to stay healthy.

how to check humidity level without Hygrometer

Some Basics About Humidity Controlling:

What is Humidity?

In simple terms, Humidity is the amount of water vapour (moisture) present in the air.

What is Relative Humidity???

Relative Humidity is the percentage of moisture content in the air based on the maximum amount of moisture it can hold at a specific temperature.

What is the problem with too high or too low humidity???

Too high or too low humidity – both can affect our home and health. Too high humidity indicates condensation on windows, stains on walls and creates safe Haven for mold to grow rapidly. It further causes health concerns like asthma and allergies. It is really bad for heart patients also.

On the other side, too low humidity can damage and warp wooden floors and furniture. It can cause dry skin, scratchy noses, increased static electricity leading to serious illness like respiratory issues and infections.

An Ideal humidity range for households should be between 30-50%.

How to Check Humidity Level without Hygrometer: 3 Methods Explained

Now that you have learnt all the essential facts let’s move to our main focus – How to check humidity level without Hygrometer. Here we go!!

You can always try these 3 simple methods at home to check the humidity level when you do not have a Hygrometer.

how to check humidity level without hygrometer

1. Ice cube method:

This is the easiest method in the list if you are serous about knowing how to check humidity level without hygrometer. Thinking how can a glass and some ice measure humidity?? Well. Though it does not provide you the actual measurement of the humidity level, it reveals whether the air is humid or dry.

  •     A glass
  •     Water
  •     Some ice cubes

 Time required: 5 minutes

Step 1:

Take a glass and fill it with water. Now put 4 or 5 ice cubes in it. Now all you have to do is to go and place the glass in your desired room for which you want to check the humidity. Just don’t put it in the bathroom or kitchen for the humidity levels of those places always fluctuate.

Step 2:

Now get out of the room leaving the glass there for 5 minutes because your movement can also impact the process.

Step 3:

After 5 minutes go and check the glass.
If there is condensation on the outer surface of the glass the humidity of that room is pretty high. If the surface is nearly dry the humidity is too low.

2. Dry and wet bulb temperature Method:

This is another method of determining the humidity level without hygrometer.

  • household thermometers( with mercury and glass tubing)
  • Cotton
  • Cardboard
  • Duct tape
  • A rubber band
  • Water( room temperature)

 Time required:  15mintues

Step 1:

Take 2 thermometers. Use one as the dry bulb and the other as the wet bulb. Shake both of them well enough before use so that the mercury stays down in the bulb.

Step 2:

Now take some cotton and soak it with water. Then wrap the cotton around the bulb of one thermometer. Put a rubber band around it to keep it fixed. Now place both of the thermometers on a piece of cardboard and duct tape them.

Step 3:

Now leave both the thermometers for around 15 minutes in the room you want to measure.

Step 4:

Go back and check the temperature on each thermometer and note them.

Step 5:

Now subtract the temperature of the wet bulb from that of the dry bulb to get the humidity percentage. For example if the dry bulb shows 30 degree Celsius and the wet bulb shows 20 degree Celsius then the difference is 10 degrees. Now take the result and compare it to a relative humidity chart easily available online.
You can use a humidifier if the humidity is too low or a dehumidifier if the humidity is too high.

3. Hair Hygrometer Method:

Surprised to see the name?? Yes. You saw it correct. Now if you are thinking how to check humidity level without hygrometer, here is the answer.

Do you know that our hair expands being exposed to heat and moisture and shrinks when dry?? Well, using these scientific facts you can make your own Hygrometer at home and use it to check the humidity. Just check the strand’s length and know whether the air is dry or moist.

  • A strand of hair( if possible horse hair as it reacts better in humidity changes)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • 2 pins
  • Pen

 Time required: 1 hour

Step 1:

Take a pen and a piece of paper and draw an arrow. Then cut the arrow with a pair of scissors.

Step 2:

Make a hole (slightly larger than the needle of a pin) at the bottom of the arrow. Now pin the arrow on a piece of cardboard in a way that it can spin easily.

Step 3:

Now tangle the end of the hair around the pin and pin it on the cardboard a bit above the arrow.

Step 4:

Wrap the other end of the hair around the arrow. Now leave it for 1 hour.
If there is enough moisture in the room, the strand will increase in length pointing the arrow downwards. If the room is dry the strand will shrink in length pointing the arrow upwards.

Hope you have understood the necessity and learn how to check humidity level without hygrometer. Anyway, the methods are pretty easy and trying them at home is no big deal. In fact it will be fun!! So just do it to secure the health and hygiene of your family and let us know how it went!! For more information like this visit our page again!

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