Should Humidifier Run All Night: Know the Pros & Cons

Should Humidifier Run All Night : Humidifiers are an essential household appliance if you are living in a dry area. Dealing with dry skin, dry lips, nose, throat can be an every morning issue, if you do not use a humidifier in a cold region.  The humidifiers disperse water into the air and increase the humidity level of your indoor air. One of the frequently asked questions about humidifiers is whether you should use them all night long or not.

should humidifier run all night

Humidifiers can run all night and there is no harm in it. If you let your skin absorb the required amount of moisture overnight, it will become more glowing and nourished. So, the answer is Yes, and you can run your humidifier all night. 

There are mainly two types of humidifiers. One is the cool mist humidifiers and the other one is the warm mist humidifiers.


The cool mist humidifiers diffuse cool water vapors which is suitable for hot and dry weather. You can run the cool mist humidifiers all night long without any risk. However, those who have the cold throat issues should not sleep with a cold mist humidifier running all night.


The warm mist humidifiers on the other hand diffuse the warm water vapors. It is capable of killing the germs present in the indoor air. The warm mist humidifiers are designed for the cold and dry region. You may not need a heater at night, if you run your warm mist humidifier for the entire night. However, keep the warm mist humidifier away from the kids, as the water in the reservoir becomes extremely hot in warm mist humidifiers.

Instead of searching for “should humidifier run all night?”, you need to know the actual advantages and disadvantages of doing the same. Here we have discussed both the angles so that you can take an informed decision. So let’s proceed!

Pros Of Using Humidifiers All Night

Let us look at the pros of running the humidifiers all night

Sound Sleep

If you have a satisfied and undisturbed sleep at night, your entire day will be a happy one. Especially for infants, it is important that they have a good sleep at night. Humidifiers can help you in getting a sound sleep. In dry areas if you keep your humidifier on for the entire night, you do not have to worry about the humidity of your room.

Safe Indoor Air

Humidifier reduces the chance of viral infection caused by the airborne germs. The germs present in the dry weather can infect your nose, throat and upper respiratory system. Researches have shown that humidifiers kill the airborne germs by increasing the humidity level of your room up to 40%. While sleeping at night, if you run your humidifier, it will ensure your safety from these germs.

Maintains the Humidity

The ideal humidity of your room while sleeping should be between 30% and 50%. Humidity level, lower than this range can make your skin dry. Humidity level higher than that can make you sweat. You surely do not want your sleep to be hampered due to this. Running the humidifier all night will solve this problem.  Therefore, it is a good option to keep your humidifier on for the whole night.

Makes Your Skin Better

It is proven that when you sleep in a well moisture environment, your skin becomes more radiant and glowing when you wake up.  Well hydrated skins are the best ones. Applying moisture only will not ensure you hydrated skin. Overnight nourishment of your skin largely depends on the humidity level of your bedroom.

Safety of Electric Appliances

While you are sleeping at night, your pet dog might not do so. A common problem with pets is that they end up hurting themselves at night by getting electric shock. If the humidity level is too low then the chance of getting electric shock becomes higher in the dry air. So run your humidifier the whole night to avoid such mishaps.

Sinus Free Morning

Many people may have sinus and nose bleeding even if they are not suffering from a cold. This is only due to the extremely dry environment. So if you can treat this overnight, your morning would be sinus free. For this you just need to let your humidifier work all night long. Your issues related to extremely dry nose and sinus will be resolved.

Healthy Indoor Plants

Like your body, the indoor plants also need proper moisture in the air. To do the process of photosynthesis, the indoor plants need a good amount of moisture in the air. They take their essential minerals, and water from the soil. If the indoor air is dry, the soil would become automatically dry. So a humidifier can keep the soil hydrated overnight. 

Cons Of Using Humidifiers All Night

Empty Reservoir

Running the humidifier even when the water tank is empty can lead to a dangerous situation. In the daytime you can constantly check the water level of your humidifier. At night, you cannot do so. This is one of the drawbacks of running the humidifier all night. However, you can resolve this problem if your humidifier comes with a timer. You can set the timer at night and the humidifier will shut down automatically when the reservoir will become empty.

Over Moisturizing

While minimum moisture is needed to keep your wooden furniture and electronic devices intact, excessive moisture can lead them to have fungus and bacteria. Woods can absorb a lot of moisture and become damp. . Similarly electronic gadgets cannot work properly in too much humidity. In short a balanced amount of moisture is needed for them. Running your humidifier all night for several subsequent days can create such issues. It is advisable to run your humidifier all night twice or trice in a week.

Mineral Build-up

Using tap water for your humidifiers can lead to the mineral and dust build-up on your furniture. Tap water contains a lot of minerals. When you put this in the water tank of your humidifier and let it work overnight, such build-ups are common problems. So when you want to run your humidifier for the entire night, try to use water that contains fewer minerals. Another solution is that many humidifiers come with a water filter. The filter will separate the minerals before creating the vapors.

Risk of Burning

If you have pets and babies, then using a warm mist humidifier overnight can be dangerous. The water in the tank becomes really hot and your children as well as your pets, might get burnt with this. Keep this out of their reach or use cool mist humidifiers overnight.

In conclusion of the question “should humidifier run all night“, it can be said that running your humidifier overnight can help you get rid of various issues. However, the safety concern is also a valid point. Take all the safety measures to avoid any accident and let your humidifier work overnight.

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