Aprilaire 700 Review: Is it the Best Whole House Humidifier?

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Aprilaire 700 Review Summary

If we talk about the most powerful whole-house humidifier then Aprilaire 700 is the best option among all. It will protect your home from the dry outside air. This machine is powered by the flow of the current heating and the cooling system. Responsible Homeowners now can enjoy fresh air inside the home. 

Aprilaire 700 is a perfect product offering the whole home a solution in one goes, to achieve comfort through the humidity control.



Often it happens that indoor air is unhealthy to us. The outside and inside air can get too stuffy, humid, cold or hot depending on the change of season. We all have struggled a lot with this. Like you, I too have faced similar issues and kept on worrying about it. When all these aspects become unbearable breathing is what directly affects.  Breathing dry air often likely triggers the respiratory issues in human, like nosebleeds, asthma and bronchitis. This is a tough situation but there is nothing that can’t be overcome.

Aprilaire 700 is one of the top humidifier products which boost the indoor moisture of the air.  This simply helps in evaporating the air. The feature of distributing 0.75 gallons of water in one single hour of a total of 18 gallons a day makes it truly unique.

Like for example, if the house is as big as 4200 sq ft or a medium house, or small house or even a loosely sealed house you can enjoy using the Aprilaire 700. It is perfectly efficient for water usage as well. The natural process of evaporation takes a lot of time, but the humidifier circulates the air faster.

This Aprilaire 700 review article is a must read for those who have lungs related issues. If you are suffering from sinus or breathing trouble, this product is likely for your room. The ideal audience is the homeowners. They especially look into their family members, and kids to breath-in fresh air.  The moisture in the air is retained by this product which reduces the change of growing of molds.  It accumulates and distributes it inside the room, thus a safe environment is observed.  You can fix it on the windows, attics, ceilings or the walls.

Aprilaire 700 is powerful humidifier. It has a fan that draws the dry, heated air from the furnace. The duct and other bacteria are filtered. The moisture in the air is retained. The indoor air wraps around on both the side of the water panel. These return through the side into the furnace’s airflow. 

Aprilaire 700 Humidifier Review
Aprilaire 700 Review That You Shouldn't Miss

It offers comfort, and humidified air to the entire room and the house. The product has high static electricity-when it comes to controlling the dry air.  If you are willing to keep your home environment healthy this is a right choice. Even the furniture, painting and artworks are maintained by Aprilaire 700.

Highlighted Features of the product: Aprilaire 700

  • Built-in fan system
  • Removes the water through an internal system to keep the process clean while humidifying the air
  • Covering a large area
  • Digital humidity controller with automation and manual options
  • Efficiently use required water

When you have already planned to buy this humidifier, you need to know the details of the product, both pros and cons. It is listed below in the next section of this Aprilaire 700 review.

The Good Ones

  • The evaporation capacity of this product can evaporate 0.75 gallons per hour. It is considered to be on the topmost humidifiers sold till date.
  • The proper way of humidifying is made easy throughout the season. This product can do it faster.
  • Furniture, interior wall colour, paintings, floorings and even the infrastructure is maintained. Since it absorbs the humidity the damage is less.
  • The humidifying process is accurately done. This reduces the respiratory irritation which is triggered due to less humidity.
  • This product helps to maintain the healthy balance of the air in every season. You will feel warmer which reduces too much less heating costs.
  • This panel present inside the product shows light indicates humidifier. The blower activation switch sets the humidifier to run continuously when the furnace runs.
  • It helps you to maintain optimal humidity in your room. Almost 30% of -60% of the incident is based on respiratory infections.

The Bad Ones

  • A qualified technician expert is needed to fix HVAC.
  • This product needs to replace of filter time to time.
  • It has poor humidistat ability that covers a lot of many areas to clean the air.
  • The humidity levels sometimes remain low.
  • It is considered to be expensive as compared to the other products available in the market.

When we think about protecting our home, the foremost thing to look into is protecting your indoor air. Aprilaire model 700 whole house humidifier is the most powerful product to clean your indoor dry air and control the humidity. The powered flow operative system works on the current heating methods to produce accurate humidified air everywhere in the house. This evaporative humidifier can clean up to 18 gallons or 68 liters of mist per day.  This is fantastic! Let’s start the actual Aprilaire 700 review now by analyzing its different aspects in-depth. .

Design and Size

Aprilaire 700 is designed innovatively. It can be installed on the warm air supply plenum of your HVAC system. This is not a unique style but the usefulness is large.  The humidifier is placed where you cannot see it, covering the first base and parts between them.  The height is 40.5 centimetres, width is 40.5 centimetres, and Depth is 26 centimetres.

Automatic Humidifier Controller

The presence of the Aprilaire 700 automatic humidifier controller has shown a lot of positive effects, the humidity level, indicator, change of water panels and call dealer for the service light all the lined up perfectly. 

It has a dial of 7 settings present in it. There are panels useful for the settings which are largely dependent on the temperature. It maintains the overall humidity level.  The water penal which is the filter offers a proper humidity to your home throughout the summer seasons.  The replacement of the humidifier is required.

Noise Level

Aprilaire 700 humidifier has noise from the motor and fan blade while it is working.  Even if you are operating it slowly, the sound of the system is quite high. Such sort of humidifier is extremely normal.   This product works even in high decibel noise.  The configurations have changed with time to make it easy for the users.

The humidifier configuration related to the decibel is a brass solenoid. It has AS dual stage gas furnace engaged in offering best results.  This dual stage furnace runs without any objectionable clanging whole house duct noise.  

Maintenance and Upkeep of the product Aprilaire 700

Once Aprilaire 700 is installed, you need to take care of the water panel changes. In any season, you should replace the humidifier twice a year to sustain it for a long time. Reviewing periodically and preventing the maintenance of the heating system is important.  


Aprilaire 700 as a product is extremely useful. It maintains a perfect balance between the indoor and outdoor air. Humidity is controlled which reduced the growth of bacteria and dust infections inside the house.  The humidity measuring less than 30 will leave you invulnerable to dry air’s adverse health effects which damage the interior items. This product controls the humidity and makes sure you and your interior are immensely protected.


The product Aprilaire 700 takes around $100 to $300 in labor and parts. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete the work.  This humidifier includes water metering orifice which is designed to regulate the water flow through the humidifier. On the online platforms- the cost varies. The Whole House Humidifier Models & their Costs per Square Foot is around 800, $700 – $1,000, Steam, 6,200- which is quite high!

Aprilaire 700 as a humidifier offers optimal facility and service to the user. It can take care of the whole house. It is quite cheap in comparison to other types of humidifier. There are several options made available in the market, but this product Aprilaire 700 is a long-run winner.  There is no need to refill and monitor it time to time, yearly twice change replacement of the filter will sustain it for long. The water consumption is high but manageable when used of the entire house. We hope that you will find this Aprilaire 700 review helpful, and it has helped you to take an inform decision.

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