Aprilaire 400 Review: Is it the Best Humidifier for 2021?

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Aprilaire 400 Review Summary

Aprilaire 400 is a evaporative style humidifier that can serve a house up to 4000 square feet. By adding a required amount of moisture, it creates a healthy living space and indoor air. The drain free construction of this humidifier makes it suitable for any corner of your house by maximizing the use of water in the reservoir. 

Huge coverage and huge capacity of vapor emission  make Aprilaire 400 a  sufficient humidifier  for humidifying your entire house. In this article we will thoroughly discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages of this product in detail. 



Improper humidity can cause several health problems and even damage the interiors of your house. So, it is very important to maintain a proper humid atmosphere. For this, you might need to install a humidifier to have a comfortable home environment.

Aprilaire is one of the leading companies that manufacture whole-house humidifiers. And its evaporative humidifiers stand out among them. It uses natural evaporation technique to convert water into vapour and circulates it throughout your home. It saves water and eliminates drainage problems.

Humidifiers can be your best mate if you are living in an extremely dry and cold region. Dry environment can cause you cracked skin, a bleeding nose and sinus. You may start to feel uncomfortable all the time if such health issues occur. Aprilaire 400 is one solution to all these health issues. In this exclusive Aprilaire 400 review article, we will discuss all the aspects of this product in detail.

This Aprilaire 400 review is best suited for those who:

  • Live in a place with low humidity conditions
  • Have respiratory problems, allergies or asthma
  • Lives in houses with septic systems
  • Needs to install it at a place where floor drainage is unavailable
  • Have houses that fulfil the ideal home conditions
  • Wants to conserve water

Aprilaire 400 Humidifier comes with the unique features of evaporative technology, drainage free and automatic water saving technique. The humidifier is great for humidifying your home by a natural evaporation process.

The machine is efficient enough to use 100% of the water supplied to it. Plus, there remains no water backlog inside the system. The system is capable of eliminating stagnant water automatically. This ensures the freshness of the humidified air it releases.

Aprilaire 400 Review
Aprilaire 400 Review: Let's Find Out if It's Worth its Price Tag or Not

Highlighted Features of the Aprilaire 400 Humidifier:

  • Evaporative Technology
  • Drainage Free
  • Water Saver
  • No water backlog
  • Eliminates stagnant water

This humidifier has a number of advantages as well as few disadvantages. Before investing your money in it, check out whether its advantages can meet your expectations or not. 

The Good Ones

  • Automatically maintains optimum humidity level
  • Conserves water
  • Requires no drainage
  • Saves energy during cold weather and keeps your house warm
  • Eliminates stagnant water
  • Reduces diseases caused due to low humidity
  • Protects your home’s interior from damages caused by low humidity
  • Circulates fresh air throughout your house

The Bad Ones

  • Needs qualified professional technicians for installation
  • Have ideal home conditions, i.e., not suited for every house
  • Requires good maintenance (every 3 months or so)

Aprilaire 400 comes with various features that make it an ideal evaporative  humidifier. Before buying this you need to know the major features of this humidifier. Let us proceed with this Aprilaire 400 review in details-

Drain Free Humidifier

This is drain free which means there is no need to eliminate the stagnant water. It also minimizes the water usage. This feature makes this product an ideal humidifier for residential purpose. You can even place it at a corner of the floor where you do not have a floor drain. This will not be a problem.  This also makes the installation process of this humidifier quite easy.

Huge Area Coverage

This Aprilaire 400 evaporative humidifier is meant for your entire house. A house of nearly 4000 square feet can easily be humidified by this humidifier. This would be quite expensive, if you need to separate humidifiers for the separate parts of your house. Such huge area coverage makes this humidifier quite likable by its users.

Noise Level

Humidifiers can be very noisy at times. This is something which is mostly disliked by the users. Evaporative humidifiers often come with this issue. Keeping this unwanted feature of humidifier in mind, its manufacturer has made it zero noisy. During our Aprilaire 400 review process, we found out that the minimum and the maximum noise level of this humidifier is 0dB.

Voltage Needed

110- 120 volt is good for this humidifier. Generally this is the general range of volts that we use for most of our electronic appliances at home. This is another major feature of this Aprilaire 400 humidifier that makes it perfect for residential use. Besides its low usage of voltage, it reduces your electricity bill as well. 

Huge Emission of Moisture

To humidify your living space properly, your humidifier must emit a sufficient amount of moisture. This humidifier emits nearly 17 gallons of moisture per day. As it is an evaporative humidifier meant for your whole house, such a huge amount of emission is highly required. The 17 gallons of vapours are distributed in the entire house in the equal proportion.

Great Warranty Period

The manufacturer gives a 5 years warranty for this humidifier. Such long-term warranty period makes it clear that this humidifier is quite durable. In case any part of this humidifier gets damaged within this period you will get a replacement for it.

No Water Refill Indicator

This Aprilaire 400 humidifier however, has no water refill indicator. It means if the water tank is empty, you will not be notified by this humidifier. So, this could be a bit problematic, as you have to check the water tank manually at an interval.

Aprilaire 400 is specially designed for residential use as it can cover your entire house. We find this humidifier quite easy to operate and suitable for the whole house. Beside its drain free construction makes it user-friendly and easy to install. Our final  verdict of the Aprilaire 400 Review is that you can surely give this humidifier a try. 

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